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Working at iMarkServ

We at iMarkServ value the importance of the people who work for the Company, the very existence of iMarkServ. For it is they who have brought the Company to what it is today.

The Company believes in the spirit of two words "I CAN" thereby giving its people to take challenges & accept responsibilities and set their own targets and goals and achieve them to their best. It symbolizes what makes iMarkServ different.

Our unique culture sets us apart from the competition. We look to protect our culture through the recruitment of individuals who share our culture and values. The company has a culture that fosters positive and healthy competition between individuals and provides opportunity to learn and grow with the organization. We believe in sustainable development.

Working with us is not a mere job but an enriching and fulfilling experience. The challenge in the work brings out the best and helps to put in that extra bit.

At iMarkServ, it is our endeavor to consistently facilitate the learning of the employees and enable a continuous transformation. Through this process of continued learning, the company intends to boost strategic behavior and capabilities so as to achieve sustainable objectives and outcomes.

We are committed to training and development and we strive to lead the process of active learning through the capturing, transfer and mobilization of knowledge to adapt to a dynamic environment.

We believe in developing leaders and have done formidable work in this area. Our leaders 'Think the Business', 'Deliver Results' , 'Energize People' and 'Act as role models'.

The company keeps designing and implementing various interventions and initiatives for successfully managing its talent pool.

Challenging assignments help in creating a benchmark for bringing out the best in employees and thereby developing them in an effective manner by giving them exposure to various different functions, assignments and projects.


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