Product Features

Contract Certainty

Ability to perform Syntactic and semantic comparison of contracts using NLP Differences can brought out on a clause level and can be Integrated to the reporting modules.

Quote Comparison

Ability to integrate with external sources and create custom Quotes in Realtime and perform comparison reducing the overall time for closure.

Workflow and Claims Management

Adept provides ability to create custom flows where users have Complete control over processes and can track nth level details and ownership .

Data Lineage

Users will have visibility at all level of changes in the Claims process.

Sales Tracker

System provide real time view on sales process with visibility on actual closure rate Data on delta on quoted price vs closure .

Dashboard and Analytics

Industrialization of data, drill down on tap real time information. Information till the nth level, generate great insights using Machine Learning.

Claims Processed
Claims Amount

Proven results in weeks, not years

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Cognitive FinTech Product for Insurance Sector

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